Dead Reign LA

Day 1

All five survivors find themselves in a Safe Haven apartment building in downtown Los Angeles. Rex (Soldier: Combat Engineer) ensures that all people within the building are on the same radio frequency for communication. Cameron (Sentinel) heads to the fourth floor for a better view of the outside situation, with Rex following behind him. Chris (Soldier: Mechanic) seeks out for anyone with a radio who can lend him a long-range radio. Paul (Soldier: Commando) went into the basement to search for sewer access to the building.
Cameron finds a window with a good vantage point and discusses with Rex that the fourth floor is secure but “it looks like hell outside”. Chris had found a HAM radio from one of the civilians and borrows it to sweep frequencies and calls out to anyone listening (though he lacks Comm: Radio Basic). Paul soon finds a lock on a door that appears to lead to a sewer network and calls out on the radio that someone with a tool is needed to open the door. Chris, having no success, heads down to the basement to assist with the barred door.
Paul heads up to the first floor to search for any deficiency of the building’s security. Chris gets (after taking Cameron’s crowbar) the door in the basement open, only to be tackled by a panicking man from the other side. Rex, while securing the third floor, encounters a panicking deaf woman. Paul (who speaks sign language) shows up to assist in speaking with her. She reveals that there is danger in the next room. Kicking the door open, Rex sees a zombie and fails to take a shot, only to be tackled by the zombie a moment later. Rex held the zombie still while Paul shot it in the head. Rex and Paul wrap up the body with a bed-sheet and belts and ask the lady if she’s okay and that they are headed to the basement (to help Chris). The lady says she would feel safer with him downstairs. All are located and moved downstairs (Hecker, Cameron, Paul, Chris, and the female and male survivor). Chris opens up the sewage cap and placed it in his inventory. Chris did not hear or see anything.


Myrmidon Myrmidon

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